Pure Essential Oil Small Chilli - 500ml


Pure Essential Oil Small Chilli - 500ml
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essential oil small chilli

Its scientific name is Capsicum, belongs to the Solanaceae family and is originally from the Americas, but currently its cultivation is now widespread throughout the world, like many other healthy foods, the chili peppers was known since antiquity.


* Capsicum annuum

* Capsicum baccatum

* Capsicum chinense

* Capsicum frutescens

Its scientific name is Capsicum, belongs to the Solanaceae family and is originally from the Americas, but currently its cultivation is now widespread throughout the world, like many other healthy foods, the chili peppers was known since antiquity.  Since the discovery of archaeological finds we know with certainty that since 5000 BC, people knew about the Mexican chili and was dedicated to its cultivation. The chilli was imported into Europe by Columbus in his second trip, which dates back to 1493.

As we will see below its varieties are endless, now let's analyze its composition.


One of the main components of red chili peppers is capsaicin, an active ingredient from which depend several beneficial properties attributed to chilli, the other substances are capsicina, capsanthin, other salts and oligoalimenti natural lecithin (contained especially in the seeds) , essential oil and flavonoids. Important to note the presence of red chili vitamin C, which, among its other functions, plays an important role in defense against infection.


The main species of red hot chili peppers

The varieties of chili peppers are very numerous, below we list the 4 species known and used for food:

* Capsicum annuum: its cultivation is most widespread, includes hot pepper used in Italy, the Cayenne, which ever is the most pungent variety, called the Mexican and Jalapeno peppers.

* Capsicum baccatum: chili pepper of medium hot, its area of cultivation is mainly that of Bolivia and Peru.

* Capsicum chinense: this includes hot pepper variety of the most piquant in the world, the Habanero, with a rounded shape and an orange red color, come from South America.

* Capsicum frutescens: also this species is very spicy,  the most popular variety is called Tabasco, thanks to the juice in its natural quality of hot pepper, it is produced with the note sauce that takes its name from the red chili pepper, tabasco.


Healing properties and benefits of Red hot chili pepper


Not long ago, as well as for food, there is one more reason to consume it, some Japanese and American researchers have discovered that red chili pepper may have an important role in preventing prostate cancer. From experiments on guinea pigs laboratory showed that mice receiving capsaicin (the active ingredient of pepper), developed tumor masses reduced by 80% compared to mice that do not eat. Regular use of red chili pepper , thanks to its antioxidant properties, seems to inhibit the development of events at the level of cancerous stomach. Of course everything is still to be confirmed by further studies and tests on humans to be able to say the above.  Especially interesting to the effect of regularization of the blood circulation which carries the red chili in the human body combined with a beneficial effect in cases of inflammation. If administered orally, capsaicin urges increased secretion of digestive enzymes promoting precisely the digestive process. It seems, moreover, that the chili peppers, as well as promote blood circulation, is an effective vasodilator, and make the elastic capillary blood, it was found that in regions where its widespread use, diseases such as heart attacks, arteriosclerosis and 'excess cholesterol is considerably limited. Finally it seems that the hair will benefit from the use of red chili pepper, because a better blood circulation would have positive effects on the life of the hairs bulbs . It' s important to remember that as with all food, do not abuse the risk of a convert to healthier food injurious to our health.

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